What insurance is necessary?

Neufeld Building Movers carries cargo and liability insurance that covers your home from the time we start working on it until we set it down on the new foundation. Prior to your move it is important to make sure that you have established a value of your home for this reason.

Can you move an attached garage with my house?

Most attached garages can be moved with the house. Depending on the construction of the garage, it may have to be removed, moved separately, and reattached.

What do I do with my furnishings while the house is being moved?

Furnishings may be left in your home during the move. Dishes, pictures, etc. should be packed and glass cabinets should be laid down. Neufeld Building Movers is not liable for any damage caused to or by the house during the move; therefore, you may want to check with your insurance provider on contents insurance.

Can you move a basement with my house?

Wooden basements can be moved! Please inquire to see if your basement is a good candidate.

Can you move a two-story home?

You bet !.

Why am I being asked for pictures when inquiring for a quote?

Each and every quote is a custom quote. For us to ensure there is accuracy on pricing we like to see all aspects. For example, what kind of shape the house is in, what type of space on site we have allowed to work with. A few pictures can sometimes say a million words !.

How do I prepare an older home to be moved?

Plumbing, heating, and electrical disconnections must be done by the current home owner. Interior basement walls must be removed. Plumbing must be cut at floor joist height. The outside foundation must be exposed to the height of the floor.

Where do we operate?

Neufeld Building Movers is based out of Warman which is just north of Saskatoon. However, we mainly serve but are not limited to Saskatchewan and Alberta.

What permits are required?

Our company obtains all necessary highway permits. It is the homeowner's responsibility to get any municipal permits required to remove the existing house and to locate at the new property.

What is not included in my price?

Any utility company charges are not included.

What does it cost to move my home?

Please fill out our Request a Quote form. Please attach pictures and home plans, so that we can give you an accurate quote.

Do houses get damaged while being moved or raised?

On drywalled walls, there may be stress cracks, especially over doorways. There shouldn't be more than normal settling of a new house would cause. Plaster houses may show more cracks because the new foundation will not be exactly the same as the old one and the adjustment may cause cracks. No structural damage will occur as a result of the move.

What do I need to do to prepare the new basement?

Please refer to our Site Preparation package. There is all sorts of information in there to make you fully prepared for your house arrival. If you have any further questions our office is happy to assist you!

How far can a building be moved?

The only distance-limiting factors when moving buildings are obstacles such as bridges, overpasses, poles, signs, powerlines, etc. Most of these obstacles can be dealt with by either removing them or taking an alternative route. Planning is very important. As with anything, cost becomes part of the equation, so call us when thinking of moving a home a long distance. Moving homes long distances (1000 to 1500 kilometres) is not uncommon for our crews at all. Please keep in mind that the larger and the taller structures being moved, the more obstacles that may be encountered when working out a route to the destination.

What is included in my price?

The load, move, and unload are included. Insurance during the move and highway permits are also included.